5 years ago
Tagging Guidelines
(Work in progress)

In general, use lowercase, singular nouns for your tags to describe both the art *and* story.

• Singular nouns over plurals - eg: tattoo > tattoos; orc > orcs; tear > tears.
• Singular nouns over adjectives - eg: slime > slimy; smell > smelly.
• Singular nouns over verbs - hypnosis > hypnotize; impregnation > impregnate.

Why? It's easier to ask everyone to use singular nouns from the beginning. As opposed to later needing to make a ton of tag aliases. We'll still need aliases, but this approach can save time.


This version of danbooru has no tag "types" to differentiate artists, authors, games, shows, and so on. So to help users more easily find images they're interested in, we can add context to the end of a tag, in parenthesis.

For example, a page drawn by "poju" would be tagged "poju_(artist)". If someone calling themselves "blackbob" later adds a caption to the image, we'd tag it "blackbob_(author)".

If this art was also based on the Touhou series of video games, it'd be tagged "touhou_(game)" - you get the idea.


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